Deer’s Leap Winery tasting room is now open for you wine tasting pleasure. Please stop in for a welcoming visit.

Red ...sweet to dry

  • Concord (8.99) - Sweet red wine made of native American Concord grape.
  • Fredonia (8.99) - Semi-sweet red wine produced from native American Fredonia grape.
  • Geneva Fusion (8.99) - Semi-sweet red wine produced from native American Concord and Niagara grape.
  • Geneva Red (8.99) - Semi-dry blend of American red wines.
  • Merlot (14.99) - Dry red wine made from Merlot grape.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon (14.99) - Dry red wine made from Cabernat Sauvignon grape.


  • White Zinfandel (8.99) - Semi-sweet white wine made from Zinfandel grape.
  • Ruby Rose (8.99) - Sweet rose made from Isabella grape.

White ...sweet to dry

  • Niagara (8.99) - Semi-sweet white wine made from Niagara grape.
  • Geneva White (8.99) - Semi-dry blends of white wines.
  • Traminette (14.99) - Dry white wine with a citrus finish made from Traminette grape.
  • Chardonnay (14.99) - Dry hite wine made from Chardonnay grape.

Fruit Wine

  • Cherry (9.99) - Sweet wine made from juice of sweet cherries.
  • Blueberry (9.99) - Sweet wine made form blueberry juice.
  • Elderberry (9.99) - Sweet wine made form elderberry juice.
  • Peach (9.99) - Sweet wine made from juice of peaches.
  • Pear (9.99) - Sweet wine made form juice of pears.
  • Raspberry (9.99) - Sweet and tangy red wine made form raspberry juice.
  • Strawberry (9.99) - Sweet red wine from juice of strawberries.

Specialty Wine

  • Niagara Mist (12.99) - Sparkling semi-sweet white wine made from Niagara grape.
  • Berry Blast (12.99) - Sweet tany and carbonated wine from a blend of natural berry juices.
  • Chocolate Strawberry (9.99) - Natural strawberry wine infused with natural chocolate flavor.
  • Cherry Almond (9.99) - Natural cherry wine with natural almond flavor added.
  • Liquid Gold (34.99) - Ice wine from vidal grape naturally frozen on the vine. Rich and sweet with a full bodied finish.
  • Harvest Spice (9.99) - Red grape wine with clove and cinnamon spices, wonderful for holidays.

Note: Availability of our wines and pricing is subject to change.

Winery Hours

Tasting room is open every day, year round. Please come in and enjoy a sampling of our wines.

  • Sunday: 12-8pm
  • Monday: 12-8pm
  • Tuesday: 12-8pm
  • Wednesday: 12-8pm
  • Thursday: 12-8pm
  • Friday: 12-10pm
  • Saturday: 12-10pm

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